Why This Book

Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer, a digital public relations evangelist with a laser sharp focus on SEO and social media, offers a few practical reasons and actionable ideas to apply Social PR success in this new media world including:
Reason #1
Gain inspirational doses of how brands can publish news
Reason #2
Learn actionable tips and how-tos on getting more publicity in mobile and social news streams
Reason #3
Uncover real-time resources, tools, platforms, and applications to distribute and amplify your brand’s news
Reason #4
Zero in on timing, frequency, and recipes to avoid Social PR disasters
Reason #5
Understand the new role organizations must take as brand journalists, content marketing publishers, visual news editors, and social PR community builders.
Reason #6
For public relations and marketing pros looking for insights on how to connect the social media dots, Social PR Secrets shares a framework designed to advance knowledge and power-up a brand’s publicity.

From the top down - CEOs, senior marketing pros, business owners, marketers, and agencies packaged insights to help identify and qualify current programs and access how social media and public relations can work together for a brand.


Chapter 1: Social PR Evolution and Revolution
Chapter 2: Today's Media Relations
Chapter 3: The New Press Release
Chapter 4: Content Strategy
Chapter 5: Editorial Calendar
Chapter 6: Online Newsrooms
Chapter 7: The Art and Science of Social Publishing
Chapter 8: Managing a Community
Chapter 9: Dialing into Social PR Customer Service
Chapter 10: Jump Into Any News Story
Chapter 11: Distribution, Amplification, and Promotion
Chapter 12:Live Streaming PR Secrets
Chapter 13:Podcasting for Social PR
Chapter 14: Mobile and Social PR Hook Up
Chapter 15: The Rise of Visual Reporting
Chapter 16:Visual PR Secrets
Chapter 17: Scoring Influence
Chapter 18: Measurement, Analytics, and Google
Chapter 19: Avoiding a PR Disaster
Chapter 20: Strategy for Tragedy
Chapter 21: Optimizing an Event for Social PR
Chapter 22: Social PR Collaboration #FTW
Chapter 23: Facebook PR Secrets for More Newsfeed Coverage - NEW
Chapter 24: Instagram PR Secrets
Chapter 25: Snapchat Secrets, Stories, and Savviness - NEW
Chapter 26:Pinterest PR Secrets
Chapter 27: LinkedIn PR Secrets
Chapter 28: Twitter Social #PR Secrets
Chapter 29: Chabot PR Secrets - New
Chapter 30: Futurist PR Secrets - New
Chapter 31: Digital Detox Secrets - New
Chapter 32: Social PR Wisdom - New

Guy Kawasaki says in the foreword:

If PR people don’t embrace social media, they will be left in the dust. The concept of sucking up to a few major publications and offering exclusives to the one that promises the most coverage is a risky concept. For one thing, the major publications no longer “make” products and services; they often report on products and services that have been made. Trickle down is waning. Bubble up is the new game. Thus, PR and social media are completely different. Where PR is about getting journalists to tell people to buy your product. Social media is about providing value. The goals, rules, and best-practices are not the same.

About the Author

Lisa Buyer is a speaker, journalist, and educator on the trending topic of public relations and how it is influenced by social media and search engine optimization. She is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism with more than 20 years experience as a public relations agency owner . Lisa's experience blends the traditional fundamentals of public relations, corporate communications and branding with today's influence of digital media.

Social media and public relations {Social PR} are a powerful marketing match and potential good karma for a brand. Social PR and search engines redefine how we communicate, deliver news, receive news, find information, and make decisions—whether it is our next vacation, investment, computer, doctor, lawyer, or hair salon.

The public relations cycle is in a new era where company news is delivered outside of the traditional journalism ecosystem. Today’s company news is social, mobile, visual, and optimized to best reach target markets.


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