Why this book?

Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer, a digital public relations evangelist with a laser sharp focus on SEO and social media, offers a few practical reasons and actionable ideas to apply Social PR success in this new media world including:

Reason #1
Gain inspirational doses of how brands can publish news

Reason #2
Learn actionable tips and how-tos on getting more publicity in mobile and social news streams

Reason #3
Uncover real-time resources, tools, platforms, and applications to distribute and amplify your brand’s news

Reason #4
Zero in on timing, frequency, and recipes to avoid Social PR disasters

Reason #5
Understand the new role organizations must take as brand journalists, content marketing publishers, visual news editors, and social PR community builders.

Reason #6
For public relations and marketing pros looking for insights on how to connect the social media dots, Social PR Secrets shares a framework designed to advance knowledge and power-up a brand’s publicity.

From the top down – CEOs, senior marketing pros, business owners, marketers, and agencies packaged insights to help identify and qualify current programs and access how social media and public relations can work together for a brand.